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Publications and Podcasts


Have you ever wondered if your landlord can actually do that? Can your landlord change your locks? Increase your rent? Come into your place without your permissin? Download our free mobile app to find out!



We have many different publications available to help you with your renting problems or questions.

Booklets: each booklet provides you with information on a specific renting issue.


Tipsheets: provides you with information that can help you with certain renting issues.


Renting 101: provides an overview of the laws and rules of renting in Alberta. It was developed for new renters, and is an approved resource to be used in Alberta classrooms.


Sample Agreements: have been drafted to provide examples of what certain renting agreements can look like. The sample agreements are meant only to be guide to assist you in developing in your own agreements.


Blog Posts: discusses current issues affecting landlords and tenants.


You can access all of the resources on housing by going to CPLEA's publication list.


Service Alberta also developes publications for landlords and tenants. You can access their publications here.



We have developed videos to help with the renting process. You can access all videos through the CPLEA YouTube channel.



We have interviewed people from different organizations from across Alberta to gain their perspective on different issues that impact tenants and landlords.

Ask an Expert Series: Law for Tenants and Landlords


January 2013